Winter Readings

The Black Album (2019) The Kink Poetroversy (2018) Versin' Safari (2017) Poetrygees (2016) White Album Readings (2008) Poetrywall (2007) Poetrymath (2006) The Manuka Tree (2005) Tupelo Hotel (2004)

The Black Album Readings

This year’s Winter Readings returns to Paekakariki after last year’s poetroversial event, continuing a rebirth of a popular event at the City Gallery and other venues in Wellington 2003-2008. Each event featured a tribute to an album or group. This year’s readings form a tribute to Metallica.

Saturday 17 August 2019

Margaret Jeune, Alex Jeune, Tim Jones, Mark Pirie, Jeremy Roberts, Michael O'Leary, Mary Maringikura Campbell and Rob Hack (MC).

Venue: St Peter’s Hall, Beach Rd, Paekakariki.
Time: 1.30-3.30pm.

Admission to the reading is by koha. Books for sale from 1.30pm. No EFTPOS. Cash sales only.

All welcome.

Earl of Seacliff Art Workshop (ESAW) will publish an anthology of poems by the readers featured to celebrate the event.

Winter Readings are presented by:

  • HEADWORX Publishers
  • Paekakariki Community Trust
  • Poetry Archive Trust
  • Earl of Seacliff Art Workshop

Previous Participants

Winter Readings 2018 featured: Wyeth Chalmers, Bill Dacker, Niel Wright, Mark Pirie, Damian Ruth, Michael O'Leary, Mary Maringikura Campbell and Rob Hack (MC).

Winter Readings 2017 featured: Marilyn Duckworth, Mercedes Webb-Pullman, Mark Pirie, Damian Ruth, Michael O'Leary, Mary Maringikura Campbell and Nelson Wattie (MC).

Winter Readings 2016 featured: MaryJane Thomson, Mark Pirie, Rob Hack, Polina Kouzminova, Michael O'Leary and Jeanne Bernhardt (Otago).

Winter Readings 2008 featured: Mark Pirie, Harry Ricketts, Richard Langston, Rob Hack, Niel Wright, Helen Rickerby, Evelyn Conlon, Will Leadbeater, Harvey Molloy, Michael O'Leary, Gemma Claire, Marilyn Duckworth, Bill Dacker, Nelson Wattie.

Winter Readings 2007 featured: Alistair Te Ariki Campbell, Michael O'Leary, Glen Colquhoun, Niel Wright, Nelson Wattie, Dinah Hawken, L E Scott, Wanjiku Kiarie, Martyn Sanderson, Mark Pirie, Tim Jones, Richard Langston and Jenny Powell-Chalmers.

Winter Readings 2006 featured: Harry Ricketts, Siobhan Harvey, Bernadette Hall, Chris Else, Niel Wright, Alistair Te Ariki Campbell, Meg Campbell, Tony Chad, Harvey McQueen, Iain Sharp, Bill Dacker, Richard von Sturmer, Michael O'Leary, Andrew Fagan, Ralph Proops, Sandra Bell and Jeanne Bernhardt.

Winter Readings 2005 featured: Alistair Te Ariki Campbell, Meg Campbell, Yilma Tafere Tasew, Harry Ricketts, Michael O'Leary, L E Scott, Joy McKenzie, Bill Dacker, Mark Pirie, Richard von Sturmer, Vivienne Plumb, Helen Rickerby, Tim Jones, Robin Fry, Amelia Nurse, Scott Kendrick and Therese Lloyd.

Winter Readings 2004 featured: Jenny Powell-Chalmers, Mark Pirie, Michael O'Leary, Helen Rickerby, Harry Ricketts, Niel Wright, Harvey McQueen, Moshe Liba, Emily Dobson, Amelia Herrero-Kidman, Michael Harlow, Robin Fry, Iain Sharp, Basim Furat, Moira Wairama and Jack Ross.

Winter Readings 2003 featured: Mike Eager reading for the late Simon Williamson, Anna Jackson, Michael O'Leary, Mark Pirie, Helen Rickerby, Harry Ricketts, Jenny Powell-Chalmers, Niel Wright, Harvey McQueen, Tim Jones, L E Scott, Vivienne Plumb and Scott Kendrick.

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