Vivienne Plumb

Vivienne Plumb

Vivienne Plumb lives in Wellington, New Zealand. Nefarious is her third poetry collection. She also writes prose and drama, and has held the Hubert Church Prose Award (Best First Book of Fiction), the Bruce Mason Playwright Award, the Sargeson Fellowship and a University of Iowa writing residency in USA, 2004.

List of Publications


Nefarious (HeadworX, 2004)
Avalanche (Pemmican Press, 2000)
Salamanca (HeadworX, 1998)

Short Fiction

The Wife Who Spoke Japanese in Her Sleep (University of Otago Press, 1993)


Secret City (Cole Catley, 2003)
The Diary as a Positive in Female Adult Behaviour (HeadworX Publishers, 1999)


Fact or Fiction: Meditations on Mary Finger (in preparation)
Love Knots (Women's Play Press, 1994)


Between These Hills (1991)
Sevensome (Calliope Press, 1993)

As Editor

Red Light Means Stop (Women's Play Press, 2003)