The Diary as a Positive in Female Adult Behaviour
by Vivienne Plumb

The Diary as a Positive in Female Adult Behaviour

Raminsky believes that sex is the only thing that makes the world go round and that 'love is only a reflection of how you want yourself to be perceived.'

Trapped in the shock of separation, Raminsky begins a dizzy descent into an alternative world of surreal fantasy and dreams, which later develops into an outrageous escapade of revelation.

Her 'positive diary' becomes both a hilarious and provocative record shot with mock Freudian undertones, as she struggles to discover what is truly most important at the end of the day.

'This short novella, cleverly disguised inside and out as a diary, is a self-contained and very funny descent into the surreal mind of an over-imaginative urban woman. It is also a subtle send-up of some of the more glaring sins of contemporary writing. The diary format allows all sorts of things to happen that might be regarded as literary bad manners elsewhere. . . This is a choice piece from one of the few all-rounders of New Zealand writing.' - Evening Post

'Vivienne Plumb's latest book is a spiky little treasure.' - City Voice