L E Scott

L E Scott

African American jazz poet/writer and world traveller L. E. Scott was born in Cordele, Georgia (USA). He has worked with an array of poets and musicians in more than 40 countries and still enjoys meeting new people, new lands and new sounds. He is a frequent traveller to Africa.

Scott's most recent collection of poems, Bones, was published in 2004 (Five Islands Press, Australia). His work also appears in two recent anthologies, Fingernails Across The Chalkboard and Gwendolyn Brooks and Working Writers, both published by Third World Press (USA) in 2007. In 2000 HeadworX published his selected poems Earth Colours.

List of Publications


The Coming of Lewis E Scott (Pride Publications, 1972)
Together - Sheila & Lewis (Pride Publications, 1973)
A Collection of Works (Pride Publications, 1973)
Time Came Hunting Time - Vietnam (Saturday Centre Books, Australia, 1978)
This Bitter Earth (Hawk Press, 1978)
Nothing But A Man (Voice Press, 1981)
3 Shades (Voice Press, 1981)
Nightfall (Anchor Communications, 1985)
Reflections & Rages (Saturday Centre Books, Australia, 1986)
Hour of the Wolves (Nosukumo, 1987)
In Celebration of my Spiritual Father - James Baldwin (Dada Afrika, 1990)
A Woman Called Maasumaa (Bent Publishing, 1995)
Earth Colours (HeadworX, 2000)
Poems for Gwen (ESAW, 2003)
Bones (Five Islands Press, 2004)
Speaking in Tongues (HeadworX, 2007)


Songs for my Father (Blackberry Press, 1983)
Black Family Letters from Boston (BlueBlack Press, 1994)


Each Other's Dreams - Contemporary Black American Writing (Outrigger, 1982)
King's Cross Pub Poets (Hutt Valley Community Arts Council, 1985)
Wiimpatjai Bulku Pipinja - Black Fella's Message - Aborigine Writers (University of Sydney, Australia, 1986)