Jack Ross

Jack Ross

Jack Ross's publications include four full-length collections of poetry, three novels, and three volumes of short fiction. He has also edited numerous books and literary magazines, including – with Jan Kemp – the trilogy of audio / text anthologies Classic, Contemporary and New NZ Poets in Performance (AUP, 2006-8). He is (from 2014) the new managing editor of Poetry NZ, having succeeded Alistair Paterson in that role.

List of Poetry Publications


City of Strange Brunettes (Auckland: Pohutukawa Press, 1998)
Chantal's Book (Wellington: HeadworX, 2002)
To Terezín (Auckland: Massey, 2007)
[with Emma Smith] Celanie: Poems & Drawings after Paul Celan (Auckland: Pania Press, 2012)
A Clearer View of the Hinterland: Poems & Sequences 1981-2014 (Wellington: HeadworX, 2014)


[with Mark Haddon] Apollinaire's Aubade (Edinburgh: Drummond Press, 1987)
Killing Time (Auckland: Perdrix Press, 1997)
Pound's Fascist Cantos (Auckland: Perdrix Press, 1997)
[with Gabriel White] A Town Like Parataxis (Auckland: Perdrix Press, 2000)
[with Gabriel White] The Perfect Storm (Auckland: Perdrix Press, 2000)
The Britney Suite (Auckland: Perdrix Press, 2001)
A Bus Called Mr Nice Guy (Auckland: Perdrix Press, 2005)
Love in Wartime (Wellington: Pania Press, 2006)
Papyri: Love poems & fragments from Sappho & elsewhere (Auckland: Soapbox Press, 2007)
The Return of the Vanishing New Zealander (Dunedin: Kilmog Press, 2009)
[with Bronwyn Lloyd] Silhouette (Auckland: Pania Press, 2009)
[with Bill Ayton] Scenes from The Puppet Oresteia (Rhinebeck, NY: Narcissus Press, 2011)
[with Karl Chitham] Fallen Empire (Dunedin: Blue Oyster Art Project Space, 2012)