Jenny Powell

Jenny Powell

Jenny Powell is a poet and teacher who lives and writes in St Clair, Dunedin. She has had published five previous collections of poetry, Sweet Banana Wax Peppers, Hats, Double Jointed (a collaborative volume with 10 others), Locating the Madonna (with Anna Jackson), and Four French Horns.

Her inspiration from St Clair beach is tempered by an anxiety over the disappearing dunes and hills tumbling into the sea.

List of Publications


Viet Nam: A Poem Journey (HeadworX, 2010)
Four French Horns (HeadworX, 2004)
Double Jointed (Inkweed, 2004)
Hats (HeadworX, 2000)
Sweet Banana Wax Peppers (HeadworX, 1998)