From Yellow Moon | E Marama Rengarenga by Mary Maringikura Campbell


Born of Te Ariki
Descended from
Atea and Hakaotu
Do not judge me
because my skin burns in the sun
I know who I am
and the direction I am travelling
Towards Savaiki
Towards the Son


For Tana

You arrive through a door
and stand in a corner
of my mind
you are drenched
No one can see you
I see you

I turn and catch your smile
and return the blessing
Hey it’s been a while
too long
I have missed you

In my dreams
I tell you
that I love you
that I will always love you
you have my heart ...

You arrive through a door
stand in the corner
it is dark so very dark
What is it?
Have you come to say goodbye?
No such thing as goodbye old friend
no such thing.

Poems © Mary Maringikura Campbell, 2020