Mary Maringikura Campbell

Mary Campbell

Mary Maringikura Campbell’s poetry collection titled Maringi was published in 2015 and awarded the Earl of Seacliff Poetry Prize in 2017. She has been writing poetry and songs since age 13 and has appeared in Kapiti Poems and other journals and anthologies. She has performed her folk songs, been a member of the drama group Te Ohu Whakaari, and has had her poetry translated into Māori and Italian. The Auckland Folk Festival awarded her first prize in 1991 for her song ‘Missing’ for Karla Cardno, a murdered girl, who died in 1989. She is a daughter of the poets Alistair Te Ariki Campbell and Meg Campbell. In 2011, Mary co-curated (with Peter Coates) the Alistair Te Ariki Campbell Exhibition at Pataka Museum in Porirua, which toured to the Cook Islands.

List of Publications


Maringi (Kotare Press, Porirua, 2015)
Yellow Moon | E Marama Rengarenga: Selected Poems (HeadworX, 2020)