From Upbeat: Selected Early Poems 1969-1987 by Margaret Webb

Chez Paree

Across the crowded floor
The singer’s voice rose and fell
Cutting through the dusky fumes of a Summer’s night
Capturing the glowing hues of a golden tan
In a chorus of sonatas
Praising health
Obliterating self
In the collective cheer
Of the novel New Year
Melodies moderating muses
The audience echoing songs
Discriminating against poetry
Rowdily rousing even the most silent of fellows
Into foot tapping instrumentalists
From corner to corner
Faces flicker into concentrated focus
The singer’s voice picking them out
With pauses and concentrated charming
Isolated words weaving spells
Over weary shadows.

Nicotine Butterfly

Chez Paree

I saw you through the nicotine screen
Of your guitar strings
Your butterfly wings framing broken shadows
Your fluttering fingers a woodland haven
For the melodic hum of Summer’s song
Knees bent below guitar’s grace
A cavern of caresses
An echo of heart strings plucked
As your bare feet traced the oar’s ripple
Through the gentle stream of love
To the swirling current and eddy of troubled waters
To where the peacock perches on the tree of life
A luring neon to Babylon
You slipped at the style
The surf brushed you back
And you my nicotine butterfly
Embraced the sky
Your golden antennae
A silken tie.

Poems © Margaret Jeune 2019