From Self-Titled by Tony Chad


In my workshop are:

one set of wheels
one headlamp shell
one rear lamp assembly
one set of side panels
one pair of mudguards
one number plate
one rear chain
one crankcase assembly
one cylinder block
one cylinder head
one bag of assorted nuts & bolts
one tray of pistons in various condition
one tear-drop petrol tank, dented
one set of front forks, bent
one set of handlebars, twisted
one dual seat from a Triumph Bonneville,
    black, gold, scuffed
one motorcycle frame, slightly twisted
one workshop manual, well-thumbed
one book on defensive driving
one six-pack of DB
one puzzled expression

Clearing out the Closet

My granny was a rock star
    At least that's what I think
By day she'd act all proper
    At night she'd hit the drink

She'd gig down at the Roxy
    Or in the local pub
The Lido was a favourite
    Or the old age pensioners' club

Of course they weren't called rock stars
    In 1933
But Variety Girls or Singers
    Drinking endless cups of tea

If you're watching those old film clips
    Where the "Toffs" are drinking gin
Keep an eye out for my granny -
    Her name was Vera Lynn

© 2006 Tony Chad