From Rhyme Before Reason by Scott Kendrick


Girl, we've got a love here
   As forbidden as they come.

Lovers have been flayed alive
   For lesser sins than this.

I feel like the tragic hero
   In that Greek play I've never read.

Can't quite recall what happens
   But I'm pretty sure everybody dies.

The Social Contrakt

I really love the IRD,
I know they really care for me -
They send me letters all the time
And all they want is what is mine,
They're extra nice and so precise
In working out the proper price
And if I can't afford to pay
Well - they take it anyway.

I really love the ACC,
I know they really care for me -
Two thousand dollars once a year
Is all they ask - then disappear.
So when at work I get a bash
And lose four hundred dollars cash
They sigh and say 'That's real tough
But four days off ain't long enough.'

I really love all my MPs,
I know they really care for me -
The vision they must have to let
These economic fascists set
The social order, moral frame,
To pull the rug in profit's name -
Our leaders are such clever things
That you can barely see the strings.

©Scott Kendrick