From Main Trunk Lines by Michael O'Leary

The Railway Line

Looking out the pastel painted
Colourless Cafeteria window
Through the long line of leaf-less
Winter trees, whose branches
Stick out like ungainly stick-insects
The railway line -
Elevated almost sublime
Symbol of our attempt to bring
Structure and order, in the form of a straight line
To a chaotic and natural world
- Looking out into that realm
Where the light changes and dances with delight
On the leaves and other foliage
Which, although sparse is at places
Green and lush, and the grey-white clouds
When the wind blows, perform a polonaise
Beyond the landscape
- Looking at the ordered straight rails
Slightly quake and shake and then move more
Violently as a thunderous goods train approaches
Breaking the quiet bleakness with its
Threat of danger

© Michael O'Leary 2015