T M Schaefer

T M Schaefer

T M SCHAEFER was born and grew up in Munich, Germany, but moved to Quito, Ecuador at the age of 13. After six years of school in Ecuador she moved to Dublin, Ireland, to study English literature and Spanish language and literature. For her MA and PhD she relocated to Manchester, England. In 2003 she came to Wellington and is currently teaching English literature at the Victoria University of Wellington.

Tatjana has spent much of her life researching and analysing poetry, especially the poetry of the 17th century in England, Germany and Spain. But in her spare time - what there is of it - she writes short stories, and a fantasy novel is in progress. Although German is her first language, she prefers to write in English, the language in which she also does most of her reading, both private and work-related. Since 2003 she has been a member of Writers International, her first involvement with a writers' group.

List of Publications


World Words: An Anthology of International Writers in New Zealand (HeadworX, 2006)