Toku Tinihanga (Self Deception): Selected Poems 1982-2002
by Michael O'Leary

Toku Tinihanga (Self Deception): Selected Poems 1982-2002

Toku Tinihanga (Self Deception) is the selected poems of Michael O'Leary, a well known poet, publisher and performer. Spanning twenty years, the book 'presents the most ready approach to a powerful writer who never falls into mediocrity and consistently shows a strain of genius' (from the Foreword by F. W. N. Wright).

Reviews of O'Leary's recent novel Unlevel Crossings (Huia Publishers, 2002):

'This gets my vote as the most original New Zealand novel of the year.' - Iain Sharp, Reviewer, Sunday Star Times 18/08/02

'Michael O'Leary ... has a poet's love of the sounds of words...' - Gavin McLean, reviewer, Otago Daily Times 17/08/02

'O'Leary can pull out the most heartfelt prose, particularly when describing the natural beauty of this land.' - Michael Larson, reviewer, New Zealand Herald 20/08/02

'Unlevel Crossings is a Joycean language experience and partly it's a literary and political satire, but I thinks it's also a down-to-earth book about recent changes in New Zealand society.' - Iain Sharp, Sunday Star Times feature article 16/06/02

'A wonderful pageant...'
'The book is rich with Maori poetry, Maori vocabulary, and not ostentatious...'
'The book is totally natural ... and astonishing textured language ...'
'... a very rewarding book indeed ...'
'... Michael O'Leary is a very distinctive and very singular writer and person in New Zealand ...'
'... it's a lovely magic exploration on all sorts of levels ...'

- David Hill, reviewer, Radio New Zealand 31/07/02