From Sounds of Sonnetts by Mark Pirie and Michael O'Leary

The Imaginin' of Megan

(For Megan Collins)

Did Jesus play His guitar, gently weeping
For the world He had come to save?
Did His Moroccan musical instrument
Tunefully lament the captive slave?

Did the Son of God (the son of Man)
The son of a virgin woman too
Rock and roll with His troubled times
Singing 'Doowop, doowop, deedo?'

Did He pick up David's lyre and sing
With the merry Magdalene at the tavern?
Did He rave on the same old song
Like the Likely Lads at the Cavern?
You're a long time dead, at least until eternity
So sing and relax, just, Let it be, yeah, Let it be

©Michael O'Leary 2006


Out walking I saw a child
Flying a kite, and I thought
About the strings.

Always the strings. Attached
To his kite were strings. And this child
Knew he was having

To pull them to make the kite fly
To wherever he was heading. And, likewise, I
Thought of you, too, always pulling strings,

Seeking me out, at night,
Or by day, but never letting me back in
To see you. Like this child

Running the beach; just him and his kite, solitary -
And so I remain watching you, no string's attached.

©Mark Pirie 2006