From Selected Poems by Margaret Jeune

The Expressive Poet

As a poet should I daub my poetry on walls
Or paint large word pictures in the sky
As a poet should my wordscapes
Be large enough to stand alone as placards
Where does poetry end and art begin
Colin McCahon embraced both worlds
Perhaps as a poet I should incorporate art into my brush strokes
Calligraphy perhaps in each poem
Or perhaps more subtly an artistic layout
If not, my words should be an art form in themselves
The words reading as pictures - like Japanese
How can my poetry ever be the same?
Now it will have to incorporate design
Self-consciously my words will need a reason to be
They will need to realign themselves onto a page
A collage of meaning perhaps
A mobile poem that rearranges itself
According to the mood of the moment
A mosaic
Perhaps a different line for each day of the week
A Monday muse perhaps
My poetry will need to be fluid
Unable to be written down on a page
A jumble of letters picked at random
My poems will now be dated
Oh, that was last weeks
Todays is oh so different
And tomorrows...
Well, that is another story
A poem in progress
A poet at work
If life is art
Poetry is an art form
Expressing life
Poetry is fluid and everchanging
The poet is an interpreter
Of the life force

Powerful Emotions

If my emotions had wings
They would fly
If I was a bird
I would bruise the sky with my wings.

Poems © Margaret Jeune 2021