From Overnight Downpour by Andrew Fagan


So far we all had came
And laughing we out ran

From way out there we looked back
Just to see how far
We had come from

Now and then on our giant bed
We all looked back
To check how far we'd come from

The loud music lit
The dark corners
Of our dim lounge

And down the tiny corridor
We could see
Quite clearly
How we had become

I Set a Trap for You

It was obvious you needed one
All that self-consumed frivolity
You'd almost forgotten how dull
Life should have been

It was obvious that you needed one
So I did it but you don't remember
You'd almost forgotten how remote
A life together could become

It was obvious that you needed one
So I set a trap for you
Quietly waiting for a kiss
That never came

© 2006 Andrew Fagan