From Meditations by Alex Jeune

For the Beauty

This sky above me
The light and colours of the day
Thoughts and dreams that stay with me
On this lovely morning of mornings
Autumn leaves, the turning of one season
To another, changes in the light
The sun that still shines across my horizon
Vistas of delight, full of such glory
Hope dawns eternal
Transforming the world in which we share
Life beckons us to yearn for the better
Let us look forward ever upward
Beyond us lies a future
Emerging from the gloom of isolation and fear
Together we strive for the possible
The year that lies ahead
We venture out upon the Way.


Days go by
And we are left to wonder why
And spend our time
In reflection
About ourselves and the world beyond
This mortal coil
This frail self
That lasts for a lifetime
Those who have passed on
The memories we hold inside
We mark the passing of time
The limits we set
Our humanity
What lies ahead?
I hope beyond hope
Past the limits of reason
Before us lies more than we can comprehend
A world of change, a chance of renewal
The breath of life that goes on living

Poems © Alex Jeune, 2020