Flight Paths
by Margaret Jeune

Flight Paths

Flight Paths is a first collection of poems by an Auckland-born poet, who has been writing since childhood. The poems are drawn from published material from the past 30 years in periodicals and anthologies and from unpublished works.

The book offers a choice of Margaret Jeune’s distinctive poetry. These are philosophical and questioning poems, focusing on contemporary, political, social and environmental issues. There are also personal and domestic poems. Jeune’s poetry shows a commitment to people and a caring society.

"In this, her first book, Margaret Jeune lets us into her life. She does this in a manner which manages to be intimate, humorous and moving at the same time. Her writing is straightforward and accessible; she calls in her past, present and future family and shares them all with us. Margaret unashamedly admits these poems are about herself and how she sees and experiences the world. In this generous collection of poems, she sets out her life and shares it in a way that will resonate with anyone who observes and recognizes the value of people, places and everyday occurrences." - Gill Ward

"Having published Margaret Jeune’s poems in Valley Micropress for the past 21 years I was delighted that HeadworX is publishing a collection of her work. Flight Paths gathers together her best poems, many of which I had not read before and I found it an intriguing read. The topics are familiar – problems with both local and national government, environmental issues, cultural and social commentary. The presentation is familiar too – good solid images of urban and rural New Zealand mixed with a quirky sense of humour. This collection however shows signs of working and re-working to provide a tighter and more polished result. For me the stand-out poems represent a mixture of styles and topics and include Tauiwi; How to Place an Artefact?; Who is Really Mentally Ill?; Haere ra Tāne Mahuta; and the short but succinct Suburbia. I recommend Flight Paths and wish Margaret Jeune every success." - Tony Chad