Richard Burns Croft Woods
Jo Thorpe Out of Dante's Dark Wood
Elizabeth Smither Two Poems
Katerina Rudcenková Eight Poems
Saadi Yousef Two Poems
Furat Esbir The Caves of Light
Kim Slemint Two Poems
Brian Gregory God's Chameleons
Daryl McLaren Elegy for a tennis player
Dean Ballinger Three Poems
Ouyang Yu T he Mi grant/Two Translations
Nick Colville Two Poems
Boris Pasternak The Hospital
Harry Ricketts Two Poems
Louise Tomlinson Six Poems
Leicester Kyle A Collective Term for a Natural Life
Mani Rao Three Poems
Fionnaigh McKenzie Study of Light
Amelia Nurse Four Poems
David Eggleton Auckland Road Ode
Paul Curtis Six Poems
Iain Sharp Listen
Mark Pirie Two Poems
Jan FitzGerald Hands
Robert James Berry Magic Instruments
Owen Bullock titled white
Helen Jacobs Three Poems
Tony Beyer Two Poems
Jeanne Bernhardt Four Poems
Meg Campbell Four Poems
T M Schaefer The unwanted visitor
Elizabeth Morton always
Jill Chan Three Poems
Barry Southam Building Boom
Ralph Proops Pure Land
Lincoln O'Neill Two Poems
Shanta Acharya Four Poems
Doc Drumheller Dope Rhymes
Robert McLean For the Coalition Dead
Apirana Taylor stone age
Helen Frances To poets of war
Erick Brenstrum Two Poems
Osip Mandelstam Three Poems
Moshé Liba Baby 81
Nick Pound Two Poems
Hayden Barr Two Poems
Michael O'Leary Self Deception


Adam Kane Do You Kiss Death One Last Time?
Edna Faye Kiel A Small World
Liz Wilkinson Sung
Andy McKenzie Red Rum
Neale McDevitt The Lighthouse Keeper
Tony O'Brien The day I read Ulysses
Chris Pigott 8-10,11
Rachel Smith Hat Tricks


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