Vivienne Plumb Four Poems
Tracey Slaughter The Laundress
Elizabeth Smither Two poems
Bill Direen From A Sequence about Childhood
Jesse Lee Kercheval Kurutta Ippeiji: A Page of Madness
Jenny Powell-Chalmers Two Poems
Anna Jackson Two Poems
Anna Rugis Cave Songs
J F Barbosa Three poems
Jessica Le Bas Two poems
Nigel Collins why time exists
Peter Bakowski Two poems
Tim Jones An Adventure
Mark Pirie Watching Pop Videos
Jeffrey Paparoa Holman Post-laundryism
Doc Drumheller Artificial Flavouring
Tania Guenter Love in another language
Basim Furat I embrace a tower thinking it's a minaret
Jonathan Fisher Two poems
Marcell Currin Two poems
Siobhan Harvey Three poems
David Bath Two poems
Jan Kemp Two poems
Johanna Aitchison Two poems
Michael Harlow Two poems
Richard von Sturmer South of Taupo
Riemke Ensing Box
Robert James Berry Three poems
Mark O'Flynn Tourist at the Franz Joseph Glacier
L E Scott The Answer Flows in the River Niger
Hayden Barr Two poems
Bernard Gadd conversations of the lately great
Iain Britton Two poems
Leicester Kyle Two poems
Jan Hutchison Three poems
Sue Wootton Three poems


Henry Feltham Dinner with Thomas
Eric Dando Beans
Doc Drumheller Comic Violence & Public Displays of Affection
M A Larke Androgenous
Clare Needham You're Not Wrong Enough
Debbie Cartwright Possum Counting
Janette Munneke Celestial winter
Daniel O'Brien Cover Letter
Lani Young A Sister's Story
Mark Stephenson When Worlds Collide
James O'Sullivan Remembering Tim Keegan


Wadi' Al-Obaydi The Memory of Place and the Evocation of Childhood in the Poetry of Basim Furat
Bernard Gadd but is it poetry?


Helen Rickerby 'Listening to the other voice': A Conversation with Jenny Powell-Chalmers and Anna Jackson
Clare Needham He's No Douglas Coupland: an interview with Julian Novitz


Tim Beverstock Photo series


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