Majid Addam Foreign Poems
Tony Beyer Two Poems
F L Bailey Turn around
Joanna Preston Why do they cover the faces of the dead?
D Whippman Three Poems
Riemke Ensing Two Poems
Dave Robertson Entry into a Politician's Diary
James McNaughton Faces
Dave Robertson Two Poems
Scott Kendrick Two Poems
Martha Morseth Three Poems
Joanne van Wyk Untitled
Ian C Smith Two Poems
Annabel Henderson Morrell Learn It Off By Heart
Fionnaigh McKenzie Breathing
Michaela Hendry Eight Poems
Heather Williams Elder Three Poems
Jack Perkins Three Poems
Robert McLean Reinventing the Wheel
Robyn Goldsmith For Gerald
Tui Gordon Squatting Sonnets
Ruth Pettis The Things You Couldn't Say
Elizabeth Isichei The Arsonist
Megan Parish A West Coast Prayer
Peter Olds The Parson
Silke Lührmann Two Poems
Blair Reeve Collusion
Amelia Nurse Two Poems
David Bath Three Poems
Pete Hibberdine toast
Michael Sharkey Smells of Others' Houses
Emily Dobson Two Poems
David Winwood Two Poems
Betty Ann Matthews And In The Winter
Jennifer Compton The Children
Ann Skinner Today, April 2000
Nikki Brough Art
Gareth Lochhead Offer of Salvation
Geoff Stevens Semi-Detached Rows (two by two)
Noel King A Sunday Alone
Helen Frances Alistair's hair
Robert James Berry nightfishing
Raewyn Alexander Two Poems
David Eggleton Name of the Hurricane
Robin Fry Three Poems
Stephen Oliver Letter to David Mitchell


Campbell Taylor bathtime
Anne-Marie Clarke Wake Up Sleepy Heads
Rob Cover Emergence
L E Scott Black Family Letter From Boston
Kevin Cudby Jason's Crew
Emma Neale Real Life Pregnancy Tales
Allejandro Caballero My Fascinating Modern Life
Jeanne Bernhardt Hugh Beller


Margarita Meklina and Andrew Meklin An Interview with Witi Ihimaera
Pat Prime An Interview with Stephen Oliver


John O'Connor Favourite Monsters by James Brown
Pat Prime LEN & Other Poems by Jo Thorpe;
the sun is darker by Jonathan Fisher;
Sing-Song by Anne Kennedy
L E Scott Toku Tinihanga by Michael O'Leary;
Awatere - A Soldier's Story by Arapeta Awatere
Laurence Jenkins Swing by Mark Pirie;
Brindle Embers by Geoff Cochrane
Bernard Gadd Self portrait with sand, postcards from various places by katherine samuelowicz;
Nights in the gardens of Spain by Gershon Holtz;
myrddins needle by eluned lloyd;
Ophelia's Codpiece by Jayne Fenton Keane
Rangi Faith Lazy Wind Poems by Graham Lindsay;
Electric Yachts by Tony Beyer
Harvey McQueen How To Occupy Our Selves by David Howard & Fiona Pardington;
Maketu by Terry Locke
Bernard Gadd the smell of oranges by Jill Chan
Rat Tickling by James Norcliffe
Owen Bullock the snow poems/your self of lost ground by Jeanne Bernhardt;
Jabiluka Honey by Richard Hillman
Jenny Powell-Chalmers People With Real Lives by John Dolan;
Goddess of Mercy by S K Kelen
Mohammed Qazi Al Akhras The Autumn of Minarets by Basim Furat
Terry Locke Whetu Moana Editors Robert Sullivan, Albert Wendt and Reina Whaitiri