Obituary - Bill Sewell

John O'Connor The Extraordinary Bloke
Mark Pirie The New Zealanders
John O'Connor Wind & Fire


Heather MacLeod Three Poems
A S Pushkin Demons
Michael O'Leary Two Poems
Anna Akhmatova The Way of All the Earth
Jeanne Bernhardt Three Poems
Thomas Robert Barnes Five Poems
Jan Kemp Two Poems
David Howard Dove
Sheila E Murphy Four Poems
Charlotte Yates Two Lyrics
James Norcliffe Three Poems
R L Cook Four Poems
Janet Charman Three Poems
Vesa Sahatciu Gun-pen
Brent Kininmont Two Poems
Catherine Mair Hip Hop SoHo
Stephen Oliver Droogs/From Deadly Pollen
Bill Direen The Moro Man/From A Sequence About Childhood
John O'Connor From Public Bar
Alex Kalderimis Three Poems
Isabel Haarhaus Two Poems
Jennifer Compton Three Poems
Ahila Sambamoorthy Four Poems
Basim Furat To a Language of Light...
Moshé Liba Five Poems
Trevor Landers The Rain speaks a seductive dialect
Alex Staines Four Poems
Mike Eager Poem for George Tukua
Sue Wootton The Rhododendron Gardener
Dean Ballinger Six Poems
Betty Ann Matthews No Last Fling
Mark Pirie Two Poems
Eamonn Bolger Six Poems
James O'Sullivan Two Poems
David Beach Detective Whale
Zoë Prebble Gen x
Tui Gordon Church
Natasha Leitch Western Springs Communion
Ian Thompson Two Poems
Helen Bascand Two Poems
Jessica Le Bas Two Poems
Geoff Stevens Back From the Ball
Tony Chad Two Poems
Joanna Preston Two Poems
Paula Harris planning for the future
Scott Kendrick Three Poems
Jonathan Fisher Two Poems
Tony Beyer The Year 2000
Trevor Reeves Mind Personifications
Frank Pervan Ballerina
Patricia Prime Three Poems
F W N Wright Six Poems


Federico Monsalve Passe Compasse
Gina Butson In Switzerland
Hayden Barr Drink Driving
Ann-Marie Houng Lee For you, for me, for evermore
Jason DeBoer Joseph Cotten
Yvette Thomas The Lost One
Anne-Marie Clarke The Writers' Group
David A Edwards Do you want a blowjob?


Mark Pirie An Interview with Charlotte Yates


L E Scott Somebody Blew Up America
Gareth Shute Hip-Hop in Aotearoa as a Contemporary Art-form


David Eggleton Unlevel Crossings by Michael O'Leary
John O'Connor Dog by C K Stead
Jack Ross Imperial Vistas Family Fictions by Kendrick Smithyman
Pat Prime staying inside the lines by Martha Morseth;
Weather Report by Robin Fry
Terry Locke Captain Cook in the Underworld by Robert Sullivan
Harvey McQueen Love in a Bookstore by Sarah Quigley;
Chantal's Book by Jack Ross;
Boat People by Tim Jones