R L Cook Three Poems
Alistair Paterson Historia Calamitatum
Chris Hamilton-Emery Three Poems
Robert James Berry Two Poems
Tim Jones Revenant
Rob Allan Four Poems from Shaky Isles
Mark Farrell John
Michael O'Leary Three Poems
Harvey McQueen Five Poems
Moshé Liba Take Away
Andrew Fagan Seven Poems
Jo Thorpe Suitable Heroes
David Winwood Two Poems
Brian Gregory Three Poems
Riemke Ensing Three Poems
Josh Goodwin Two Poems
Jonathan Fisher Easter Vigil
Jeanne Bernhardt Four Poems
Jenny Powell-Chalmers Three Poems
Mark Pirie Five Poems
Paul Hardacre Three Poems
Simon Williamson Six Poems
Greg Dally Two Poems
Hayden Barr Five Poems
Daniel Harr Three Poems
Andrew Lee Martrich Two Poems
David Prater davey dreamnation e.p.
Jo Aitchison The Six Different Kinds of Friends
Eric Mould Two Poems
Seán McMahon Two Poems
John O'Connor Three Poems
B R Dionysius Two Poems
David Howard Heroin
Bill Sewell Three Poems
Bodo Mahnkopf Two Poems
Nick Laing Three Poems
Robert McGonigal Lip Service
Joanna Preston Two Poems
Betty Ann Matthews Two Poems
Emily Dobson Two Poems
Harry Ricketts Two Poems
Mark O'Flynn Two Poems
Luke Huntley Badger Two Poems
Liam Ferney Two Poems
Ouyang Yu Two Poems
Brian Johnson Prufrock's Revenge
Janis Freegard Three Poems
Helen Rickerby Two Poems
Raewyn Alexander Two Poems
Bernard Gadd Pokeno Opposes the Kaiser
Anna Jackson Two Poems


Edgard Telles Ribeiro Time
Tim Jones Sisters
Charlotte Shayle-George Red Crayon Satan
Johnny Blades Fixing a Hole
John Sellwood Lads
Hayden Barr Work
Gareth Shute The Fear Frogs
James O'Sullivan Smack
L E Scott Dead Man With a Diamond Ring
Dave Frame Ascension


Mark Pirie Between the Land: The Poetry of Andrew Fagan


Mark Pirie An Interview with Edgard Telles Ribeiro


John O'Connor The Bells of Saint Babel's by Allen Curnow;
The Stepmother Tree by James McNaughton
Harvey McQueen Night of Warehouses: Poems 1978-2000 by Stephen Oliver
Michael O'Leary dialect of mud by Richard Reeve;
The Whole Forest by Nick Williamson;
Rhyme Before Reason by Scott Kendrick
Bernard Gadd An Exchange of Gifts editor John O'Connor;
All Together Now editor Tony Chad;
Times Colision with the Tongue editors Peter Boyle and Jan Owen
L E Scott Rhyming Planet by David Eggleton;
Our Bay of Ensigns by Bernard Gadd
Jonathan Fisher Lucky Table by Vincent O'Sullivan
Jenny Powell-Chalmers Abstract Internal Furniture by Helen Rickerby;
a stone seat and a shadow tree by Adrienne Jansen
Pat Prime I Run in My Stilettos by Lee Dowrick;
Long Hot Summer Singing by Mike Minehan;
Late Love Songs by Rob Jackaman
Terry Locke Axis: Poems and Drawings by Cilla McQueen
Tim Jones Breaker Breaker by Trevor Reeves
Jeanne Bernhardt windows on the morning side by Helen Bascand