Sándor Lau Easter
Melissa Ashley Breast Diptych
Peter Bakowski 2 poems
Betty Ann Matthews The Experience
Miranda Johnson 2 poems
Brett Kininmont 2 poems
Sefton Darby 2 poems
Coral Atkinson Two Poems for my Father
Joanna Preston 2 poems
Jonathan Fisher 2 poems
Vivienne Pumb 3 poems
Anita Treefoot 3 poems
Mark Pirie 3 poems
Alan Brunton 3 poems
Paul Hardachre 3 poems
Eric Mould 2 poems
Tony Chad 2 poems
Barbara Strang 3 poems
Jeanne Bernhardt 3 poems
James Norcliffe 4 poems
Rob Allan Four poems from Carey's Bay
Cyril Childs 2 poems
Simon Sweetman The TEN Commandments of Music Journalism
Lincoln Jacques 3 poems
Jenny Powell-Chalmers 2 poems
Jonathan Todd 3 poems
Kay McKenzie Cooke 2 poems
Robin Fry What are you doing?
Melissa Steiner 2 poems
Moshé Liba Over the Waters


Julian Novitz The Devil and Nick Valentine
Anne-Marie Clarke Trust
Gina Butson The Story That Would Have Been
Charlotte Shayle-George Kollek
Campbell Taylor Shaping Ghosts
Simon Sweetman Nine Lives
Solas Movie


David Eggleton from Living in the Nineties: January


Helen Rickerby "The secret city which is inside everyone": An Interview with Vivienne Plumb
Mark Pirie "Alan Brunton gets Jaamed": An Interview with Alan Brunton


Helen Donnelly 2 photographs
Timon Maxey Business Lunch
Hey Diddle
Man Walking Dog
Shark Problem
Cleaning Lady
Good Use of Bears


David Eggleton Ecstasy by Alan Brunton;
John O'Connor The Commonplace Odes by Ian Wedde;
Mark Pirie Carnival of New Zealand Creatures by Lauris Edmund;
Realia by Kate Camp;
Fourteen Reasons for Writing by Kevin Ireland;
Harvey McQueen Clearances by Alan Riach;
Jack Ross Shebang: Collected Poems by David Howard;
L E Scott Agonising Wounds by Yilma Tafere Tasew;
Lyrics without melody by Mahinarangi Tocker;
Patricia Prime Shimmerings by S K Kelen;
Plunge by Harry Ricketts;
Mercurius by Peter Bradburn;
Laurence Jenkins Nights with Giordano Bruno by Jack Ross;
Calling the Fish by David Lyndon Brown;
Andrei Baltakmens Extreme Weather Events by Tim Jones;
Helen Rickerby Stairdancing by Janet Hughes;