Janet Charman 3 poems
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Geoff Cochrane On Receiving a Package
Mark Pirie The Engagement
Anita Treefoot 3 poems
John O'Connor A Flight of Small Birds
Joshua Goodwin 2 poems
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Kathy Dudding On the Morning of Her Infatuation
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Kapka Kassabova Improvisations
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L E Scott A Tiger's Poem
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Esther Quin The Grand Tour
Ouyang Yu Lines of Least Resistance
Emily Dobson Bedford
Katherine Liddy Promise
Thomas Mitchell Taiaue Bay
Angela King The Sea
Paula Harris Daddy's Little Girl
Simon Sweetman Mid-wife
David Eggleton Teen Angel
Elliott Hart 2 poems
Tim Jones 2 poems
Tim Bravenboer imaginary friend
Larry Matthews Percolator
Ann Egan 4 poems
Mirjam van Sabben 2 poems
Paul Hardacre 3 poems
Will Fraser What Crisis?
Scott Kendrick 3 poems
Bernard Gadd 2 poems
Luke Huntley-Badger 2 poems


Stephen Oliver Chalk, Talk and Asphalt Days


Tui Gordon The Dub Musician and the Groupie Get it On
Jason DeBoer The Execution of the Sun
Andrei Baltakmens Distant Smoke
Gina Butson Looking for Nina Ricci
L E Scott A Sister-in-law's Heart
Vesa Sahatciu The Blind One


Maggie Grant From Work in Progress


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