Paula Green desiring Italy
Tracey Slaughter 2 poems
Kim Paykel you here, her and my voice; 2 poems
Melissa Steiner 2 poems
Andrew McNeillie Juno and the Peacocks
Anna Jackson The peacock of motherhood; 2 poems
Diana Harris Mothering Song
Sarah Quigley Shadow of a Passing Truck
Iain Britton 5 poems
Tom Weston 2 poems
Larry Matthews haiku lady
Suraya Singh Sushi
Jack Ross 5 poems
David Winwood Portcullis
Basim Furat I crossed the borders accidentally
Riemke Ensing War - My Mother at Delphi
Terence Gooding 2 poems
Jan Kemp 3 poems
Jo Thorpe Secular Love
Philippa Christmas 3 poems
Helen Rickerby 3 poems
Tim Bravenboer Old Goat
Joanna Preston Dog
Siobhan McCafferty 2 poems
Siobhan Buckingham After the Farewell Party


Diana Harris Prawn Fishing
Clayton Hansen Josephine
Paula Morris Heroics
Johnny Edmonds The first pioneer family
Gareth Shute A brief return to silence
Jane Warren There goes the neighbourhood


Harvey McQueen The Right Thing by C K Stead
John O'Connor These Days by Jenny Bornholdt;
Jack Ross Laminations by Murray Edmond; Charts & Soundings by Sue Fitchett
Bernard Gadd Flood Damage by Jeffrey Holman; Papatipu by Jeanette King; When the Sea Goes Mad at Night edited by Theresia Liemlienio Marshall
Jenny Powell-Chalmers the long road to teatime by Anna Jackson; From the Author of by Nick Ascroft
Mark Pirie Teeth by Frank Pervan; Beyond the Paper Lanterns by Cyril Childs; Big Smoke edited by Alan Brunton, Murray Edmond, Michele Leggott
L E Scott Star Waka by Robert Sullivan; Soft Leaf Falls of the Moon by Apirana Taylor
Jonathan Fisher Avalanche by Vivienne Plumb
Laurence Jenkins The Poems of Lauris Edmond CD
Helen Rickerby Gallipoli by Alistair Te Ariki Campbell; The Better Part by Meg Campbell; Animals Indoors by Stephanie de Montalk
Pat Prime prognostications of the apricot by Bernard Gadd; Late Song by Lauris Edmond; Indigo Thistles by Pip Sheehan
Amy Macpherson Markings by Cilla McQueen
Riemke Ensing The Holocaust by Moshe Liba