Feature: A Closer View of Stephen Oliver and Bill Sewell

John Pule Stephen Oliver introduction
Stephen Oliver 4 poems
Denys Trussell Review of Stephen Oliver's Unmanned
Mark Pirie Bill Sewell introduction
Bill Sewell From Erebus
John O'Connor Review of Bill Sewell's Erebus


K O Arvidson 2 poems
Alistair Paterson 2 poems
Jonathan Fisher At the Arts Centre Market
Kamla Mahoney A Journey
Jenny Powell-Chalmers 2 poems; Fat Ballerinas
Nick Ascroft 2 poems
Eamonn Bolger 2 poems
Scott Kendrick 2 poems
Paula Harris value for money
David Eggleton 2001: A Euro-Odyssey
Paul Hardacre 1 poem
Harvey McQueen 2 poems
Harvey Molloy Photograph, 1978
John O'Connor 2 poems
L E Scott Disciples of the Black Church
Pooja Mittal 3 poems
Jack Ross 3 poems
Pippin Barr love poem #4
Mary Cresswell Table of Affinities
Richard Hillman 5 poems
S K Kelen 6 poems
Helen Rickerby Doppleganger
Alison Daniel 2 poems
Tracy Ryan 2 poems
John Allison The Way Down
Richard Reeve 2 poems


Edgard Telles Ribeiro Chocolate Mouse
Katrina Bell The Bead Weaver
Tim Jones The New Land
Jason de Boer Here swims a Most Majestic Vision
Trevor Reeves Library Call
Vivienne Plumb A Discourse on Ticks


Annabel Crerar Future Lit: Targeting the Psychographic
Philippa Prebble Re-setting the Past: Small Press Publishing in the South Island During the 1970s: The Rise of Caveman Press and Hawk Press


Kathy Dudding 6 Collages


John O'Connor Pingandy by Harvey McQueen; Election Year Blues by Stephen Oliver; How You Doing? by Harry Ricketts and Hugh Roberts; Parodies Regained by A K Grant
L E Scott Seeing Voices CD
Harvey McQueen Drought by Pat White; The Trick... by Glen Colquhoun
Jenny Powell-Chalmers The Inhabited Initial by Fiona Farrell
Jack Ross As far as I can see by Michele Leggott
Amy Macpherson The Book of Nadath by Robin Hyde
Helen Rickerby The Diary... by Vivienne Plumb
Tim Jones Dark out of Darkness by Guyon Neutze; Timepieces by Koenraad Kuiper
Catherine Mair Mammon's Drum by Rosemary Purse; dismemberment by Kapka Kassabova
Bernard Gadd Stone Moon Dark Water by John Allison; Legend of the Cool... by Graham Lindsay; on what is not by kenneth fea
Jonathan Fisher Shoot by Mark Pirie
Mark Pirie Dividing the Light by John Allison; Lemon by James Brown
Cyril Childs The Lark Quartet by Elizabeth Smither
Kate O'Neill A Particular Context by John O'Connor; That Was Then by Lee Dowrick
Pat Prime Oh My God... by Johanna Aitchison; the inland eye by Mary Macpherson; Mary Shelley's Window by Lynn Davidson; I'll Tell You... by Vincent O'Sullivan
Mark Pirie Winter I Was by Gregory O'Brien