Anne-Marie Clarke An Interview with Patricia Grace

Feature: Australian Poetry

Harvey McQueen Review of The Silo: a Pastoral Symphony, and Poems 1980-1994, by John Kinsella
Coral Hull 2 poems
John Kinsella 3 poems
Mark Pirie Review of Landbridge: Contemporary Australian Poetry, edited by John Kinsella)


Helen Donnelly Love i, ii, iii
Karen Hester Untitled


Michelle Leggott from As Far As I Can See
Jenny Powell-Chalmers St Michael's and All Angels
Anna Jackson 3 poems
Jason Towersey 3 poems
Tony Chad 2 poems
Mark Wilson 201
Mark Pirie 2 poems
Jan Hutchison At Waitouaki
Giovanni Malito 2 poems
Harry Johnson 2 poems
Simon Williamson The good woman of Kaikohe
Timothy Brehany 2 poems
Esther Quin 3 poems
Brigid Kelly 3 poems
Helen Rickerby Theodora Escapes at the Movies
Jonathan Fisher 4 poems
Andy McKenzie 2 poems
Peter Bakowski 2 poems
Jennifer Compton 2 poems
Sue Matthews 2 poems
Elisa di Napoli 2 poems
Hayden Barr 2 poems


Georgina White Meeting point
David Lyndon Brown The Key
Frederico Monsalve Three times an immigrant
Anne-Marie Clarke Staring at Cows


Anne-Marie Clarke Frame of Mind, by David Gregory
John O'Connor Pound's Fascist Cantos and City of Strange Brunettes, by Jack Ross
Mark Pirie New Poets 1, by Sarah Quigley, Raewyn Alexander and Anna Jackson; Eat These Sweet Words, edited by Sue Fitchett, Marewa Glover, Cary McDermott, Rhonda Vickoce; When Two Men Embrace, edited by Jonathan Fisher
Helen Rickerby Rapunzel Rapunzel, by Janet Charman
Helen Donnelly On the Way to an Ambush, by Bruce Connew
Chris Gilman baby is this wonderland?, by Jeanne Bernhardt
Brian Johnson sign language, by Paula Harris
Elisa di Napoli The Girls on the Wall, by Diana Bridge