Robert Sullivan Introduction/4 poems
Jonny de Painter Factory


Stephanie de Montalk 4 poems
Tom Weston 3 poems
Kay Wall Garibaldi
Tze Ming Mok 3 poems
Kathy Dudding Flight from Hong Kong to London
Philippa Christmas 2 poems
Annora Gollop 2 poems
Vincent O'Sullivan 3 poems
Jordan Reyne The Hook
Simon Williamson 2 poems
Yvonne Eve Walus the unoriginal sin
Joanna Preston Still life, with radio
Helen Rickerby 2 poems
John Allison A boat in Governor's Bay
Scott Kendrick Commercial Breaks
Chris Fleck Farewell
Paula Harris the incredible true story...
S. A. McCafferty Post-Meridian / Anti-Thesis
Betty Ann Matthews Being Honest
Sue Matthew 2 poems
Donna Lee Meat Hooks
Jan Hutchison Through the backdoor


Paul Wolffram Interview: Vincent O'Sullivan


Richard Smith The Backyard Path
Albert Wendt Deliver Us from Alice
Cary McDermott Shrinking


Mark Pirie El Sur by Bill Sewell; Natsukashii by Ingrid Horrocks; 13 Ways by Harry Ricketts
Annora Gollop Sleeper by John Dickson
Jenny Powell-Chalmers The NeXt Wave by editor Mark Pirie
John O'Connor The Century by Tony Beyer; Unfamiliar Legends of the Stars by Kate Camp; Sweet Banana Wax Peppers by Jenny Powell-Chalmers
Paul Wolffram The Ambiguous Companion by Tom Weston
Clare Needham Walking into the Millenium by Denys Trussell