Feature: Recent Australian Poetry

John Forbes 2 poems
Kierran Carroll 2 poems
Cath Kenneally from Letter to Gregory O'Brien
Cassie Lewis 3 poems
Pam Brown Paris, France
Edouard Battarde Trepanned

International Guests

Dambudzo Marechera Introduction; Blah; 7 poems
Pham Thi Hoai from The Crystal Messenger


Hayden Barr 5 poems
Jenny Powell-Chalmers Candles and Ice Creams
Antonius Paspirapoulous 2 poems
Vanessa Murray 2 poems
Sefton Darby An African Hallucination
Ciara Marei Lucky Fuck
Stephen Oliver 2 poems
Matthew Hapeta Dread on a Mission
Dean Hapeta / D Word Gun in My Hand
Simon Williamson Hokianga
Tony Beyer War Museum
Scott Kendrick 2 poems
Riemke Ensing Muriwai
Corin Black Botanical
Karen Butterworth At Risk
Richard Smith Finders Keepers
Paul Wolffram China Town Piano
Richard Reeve Deer Mask
Nick Williamson Guy Fawkes
Stefan Starling from The Poetical Works of Stefan Starling
Harry Ricketts The Location
Vivienne Plumb Vic's Dick
Nick Ascroft 3 poems
Jeanne Bernhardt Mada 2


Jeanne Bernhardt Outside San Antonio
Anne-Marie Clarke The Platform
Paul Amelyn Robert Blake
Lewis Scott Islam
Mark Pirie First on the List
Paul Eaddy The Acquisition of Peace and Protein


Lewis Scott In Exile - without a Birth Certificate


Mark Pirie An Interview with Ken Bolton
Scott Kendrick An Interview with Dean Hapeta


Russell Chalmers Untitled
Karen Hester Untitled

Literary Classifieds


John O'Connor Nothing to Declare by Harry Ricketts; Salamanca by Vivienne Plumb; Poetry NZ XVI edited by Alistair Paterson
Clare Needham HEADlands edited by Elizabeth Allen
Helen Rickerby Remember Me by Linda Burgess
Anne-Marie Clarke The Crystal Messenger by Pham Thi Hoai, translated by Ton-That Qunyh-Du
Brian Johnson Getting There by Gloria B Yates
Clare Needham woman, phenomenally by Paula Harris