Ingrid Horrocks An Interview with Gail Anderson-Dargatz


Andrew Brettel An Education
Karen Hester 4 Drawings
Karu van der Anitya 4 Photographs


Adam Aitken 2 Poems
Paola Bilbrough 3 Poems
Johanna Aitchison Childhood Story
John O'Connor The New Church
Richard von Sturmer from 'Hekiganroku Verses'
Jenny Powell-Chalmers 2 Poems
Barbara Raeburn 3 Poems
Donna Lee African Jungle
Trevor Landers 2 Poems
Nick Williamson Quick Sketch of Sydney
Vivienne Plumb 2 Poems
Jason Towersey Improvisation
Timothy Brehany (D)re(a)d Handed
David Lydon Brown 13 Degrees of Blue
Phillipa Christmas Wrappings
John Allison 2 Poems
Gillian Adsett A Perspective of Infinity
Marion Parker My Sweet Beak
Tracey Slaughter 2 Poems
p n w donnelly 2 Poems
Peter Winsley Greek Warriors in Wellington
Paula Harris won't you be my neighbour
Simon Field science fiction


Jo Randerson Untitled; I Have Been Trying to Get Out of Here; I Hope My Mother Will Come Soon
Anna Sol Elements
Paul Eaddy The Dangers of String
Anne-Marie Clarke Trash
John-Paul Powley Chapter One of Hazey Days
David Lyndon Brown Proof
Heather Williams Toni


Melanie Staines Nothing by Laura Solomon
Helen Rickerby Before the Divorce We Go to Disneyland by Diane Brown; Trespasses by Svetlana Malinovsky; Tigers Wild Pigs & Possums by Tony Chad)
Brian Johnson Stepping Off From Northland by Bernard Gadd)