John Millett Love Poem
Elena Aleksieva 3 poems (trans. by Kapka Kassabova)
Richard Reeve 2 poems
Pam Brown 2 poems
Ingrid Horrocks 3 poems
Paul Wolffram 2 poems
Greg O'Brien Atomic Explosion in the Pacific
Tony Chad 1 poem
Nick Willianson 2 poems
Rob Allan 1 sonnet
Ee Tiang Hong 6 poems
Kapka Kassabova St Kilda's Beach
Jocelind Dunford mirror language
Simon Field facing in
Stephen Chong Two Voices
Nick Ascroft 2 poems
Jo Randerson Rules for Hide and Seek; 1 poem
Greg Crisp On Becoming a Poet; Cancer of the Conversation
John Dolan 4 poems
Scott Kendrick The Lambton Shuffle
Gig Ryan 3 poems
Sandra Simpson Second Thoughts
Jenny Powell-Chalmers 2 poems
Helen Rickerby White
Seán McMahon 2 poems
Hamish Dewe from Sebastião
Jeanne Bernhardt 3 poems


Alistair Paterson A Song for Solomon
Pearce Duncan Just Another Rainy Day Love Story
Jo Randerson How to be a Fish (It's Easy)
Phil Kawana Lethal Golf
Ingrid Horrocks Disappointing Things
Tim Jones The Lizard
Chris Gilman Nurture


Mark Pirie Nearing a Horizon: The Poetry of Ee Tiang Hong

Feature: Sudden Valley Press

Poems by John Allison, John O'Connor, David Gregory and Helen Jacobs. Reviews of Both Roads Taken by John Allison; As It Is by John O'Connor; Always Arriving by David Gregory; Pools Over Stone by Helen Jacobs; The Airing Cupboard women's poetry anthology


Paul Dibble The Harbour Watcher 2; Landscape of Many Actions
Paul Vincent Untitled; Untitled; Untitled


Dead Jazz Guys by Phil Kawana; Birdie by Tina Shaw; Vorare Lacuna by Jeanne Bernhardt; The Battleship Regal by Andei Baltakmens

Books and Magazines in Brief

Salt 4; Loud Quiet Song by John Ellis