Peter Bakowski 3 poems
Eric Dando yell
Ken Bolton 2 poems
Mark Pirie Nerve; Submission
Richard Smith Waiting; Living Alone
Richard Reeve Ward 5a
Michael Arnold Mt Cambria
kenneth fea composition on a line of fixed length
Catherine Mair 2 poems
Martha Morseth First Snowball
David Gregory New
Simon Williamson 2 poems
p n w donnelly 2 poems
Nikhat Shameem 2 poems
David Eggleton Teleprompter
Mel Lynskey 2 poems
Chris Pigott 2 poems
Nick Ascroft 3 poems
Brian Johnson A 1000 Miles to Davis
Tim Jones Oh Baby . . .
Paula Harris Coitus Interruptus
Scott Kendrick 2 poems
Greg O'Brien A morning and an afternoon of serious drinking
Gill Harris Filed
John O'Connor Poem with its Collar Turned Up
Paul Wolffram here
Helen Rickerby Untitled
Jenny Powell-Chalmers 3 poems
Sandra Simpson 4 poems
Graham Lindsay Quarry
Sean McMahon 2 poems


Pira Sudham A Hired Gunman
Chris Gilman Janie's Gonna Do It
Mel Lynskey Untitled
Eric Dando Surfing With Jesus and the Dead Fish
Tamzin Blair It
Andrei Baltakmens Terrible Light


David Myers An Interview with Pira Sudham


Cecily Guarrera Whatever Happens - Shopping is Fun
Danny Landall Untitled; Untitled; Untitled


The Sounds by Andrew Johnston; Black Light by Laura Solomon; The Free World by JH MacDonald; Catching the Rainbow (the 1996 NZ Poetry Society Anthology); A Brief History of New Zealand Literature by Harry Ricketts; Surprising the Slug by Bernard Brown

Books and Magazines in Brief

Salt 3; Zephyr 3 & 4; Apocalyptic Bodies and The Waiwhetu Stream Notes by Sean McMahon; Moths vs Mammoths