Ken Bolton 3 poems
Bernadette Hall Tomahawk Sonnets
John Allison About Time
John O'Connor 4 poems
Paul Wolffram Movements; Awake
Scott Kendrick 3 poems
Sam Hunt 4 poems
Mark F Thomas Wake at a Research Farm
Pine Tamahori The Ballad of Hammer's Head
Clare Needham Southside, Level 21; Parisian Souvenir Poem
Dylan Paul Ware 2 poems
Chris Pigott The Hole; Circus
Jenny Powell-Chalmers 2 poems
Nikki Hessell 2 poems
Tony Chad 2 poems
Kate O'Neill 2 poems
Brian Johnson Freedom; The Lion and the Hyenas
Chris Gilman Depraved Anti-Faggot Advert
Nick Ascroft 2 poems
Kate Camp Fireside Occupation
V. Billot Thirteenth Week
Anne Holleron 2 poems
Mark Pirie Shoot; Index
Helen Rickerby 3 poems
Nick Laing 2 poems
Christine Philp Look Closely
Harry Ricketts 5 poems


Saman Moeed Blood Ties
Mark Pirie B's Story (with severe jump cuts)
Chris Gilman So Baby So
Kapka Kassabova Too Much Light
Anne-Marie Clarke Central Park
Elisa Di Napoli Going Up Country

Feature: The Women's Play Press

Excerpts from Love Knots by Vivienne Plumb; Lashings of Whipped Cream by Fiona Samuel. Reviews of Ophelia Thinks Harder by Jean Betts; Love Knots by Vivienne Plumb; The Case of Katherine Mansfield by Cathy Downes; Lashings of Whipped Cream by Fiona Samuel


Mark Pirie & Paul Wolffram An Interview with Sam Hunt


F. Nielsen Wright Putting Stead to the Question?


Paul Vincent Dance of the Loons; Signs, People, Questions; Howl 1; Howl 2; Howl 4; Portion of a very long work
Scott Benwell from 'The Opiate of the Masses'


Too Right Mate by John O'Connor, Bernie Gadd, Anna Tarm; If He's a Good Dog He'll Swim by Elizabeth Nannestad; How Things Are by Harry Ricketts, Adrienne Jansen, JC Sturm, Meg Campbell; Little Masters by Damien Wilkins; The Poem and the World (An International Anthology of Poetry book III) ed. Sheila Bender & Philip Tobin; In Translation by Annamarie Jagose; the short cut home by pnw donnelly, Catherine Mair, Pat Prime