Alistair Paterson The Status of Men
Bernard Gadd To a Japanese Daughter; New Bones
John O'Connor A Backward Glance
Paul Wolffram Stone Song; Poem for Kirsty; Today I Remember; Poems for the 90s; Synaesthesia
Mel Lynsky Untitled; About Jacey (6)
Ingrid Horrocks Slices of Weather
Saliha Azzouz Oriental Bay from my Window
L E Scott Woman
Clare Mariskind It doesn't Get Any Easier
Helen Rickerby 2 poems
Mark F Thomas About the Silences; Lascaux, France
Brian Johnson These are the Days in the Old School Yard
Scott Kendrick Coffee?; Mate in Two
Jeff Johnson Jeff's Work Poem
Mark Pirie A Beginner's Guide to Lecture Graffiti; So This is How it Ends


Melanie Staines This Side of the Mirror
Grayson Cooke Turning Before a Rising Tide
Brian Johnson Inverse Proportions; Please Leave Your Penis at the Door!
Miriam Latzer Clearing Customs; Untitled
Mark Pirie The Ride
Chris Gilman Totem Pole; Night Hawks
Anne-Marie Clarke Homo Sapien Sapien Sapiens; Awake


Mark Pirie & Paul Wolffram An Interview with L E Scott
Helen Rickerby Mother and Temptress, Nature and Death: James K Baxter's Representations of Women