Bernard Gadd

Bernard Gadd

Bernard Gadd was born in 1935, in Hamilton, New Zealand. Was a high school English teacher, then ESOL tutor, recently retired. Married, two grown up children. Has been published in most NZ literary magazines and some overseas and on-line literary magazines. Anthologist, co-editor of winterSPIN an annual magazine of short poems, small press publisher. Has written and published much literary and learn-to-read material for multi-ethnic and working class schools.

List of Publications


Oracle Bones (Hazard Press, 1992)
Pity Mr Hash (Hallard Press, 1995)
Too Right Mate, with John O'Connor (Hallard Press, 1996)
Stepping Off From Northland (Sudden Valley Press, 1997)
Shadow-patches, with Catherine Mair and Janice Bostok (Hallard Press, 1998)
1 imagines serafim (Hallard Press, 1999)
signs of the new right (Hallard Press, 2000)
prognostications of the apricot (Poet's Group, 2000)
Our Bay of Ensigns & Other 'Race' Relations (HeadworX Publishers, 2001)


Laya (Te Ropu Kahurangi, 1985)
Dare Not Fail (Te Ropu Kahurangi, 1987)
Blood of Tainui (Brick Row / Te Ropu Kahurangi, 1990)
Just like you said it would be & other stories (Brick Row / Hallard Press, 1992)


Pacific Voices (1977)
Other Voices (Brick Row, 1989)
Catching the Light (Brick Row/ Hallard Press, 1992)
Real Fire, poems of the 60s/70s (Square One Press, 2001)